The Real Life Story of Marshall Bruce Mathers.

These days we hear many unfortunate incidents regarding suicides. Why people suicide? May be due to stress or depression. But how they decide to quit from their life? Most people think that their problems, issues and questions are answer-less problems. And they think that nobody can understand their pain. So they are deciding to quit from this rude world. But they are absolutely wrong. Because the life is always facing problems. There is no one in this planet without problems. All of us have at least one. All because of ATTITUDE.

Read this story carefully. You can have some idea about what the life is.

On 17th October 1973 a baby boy born to the world as a result of 73 hours effort from the doctors. Doctors took more than three days effort to give this baby the birth. At the time the mother was only 17 years of age. She named this boy as “Marshall Bruce Mathers”.

But the father refused this child and left this lady with the new born child. Mr.Marshal, this baby boy yet to find his daddy. The mother of this child addicted to drugs and gambling. Due to that reason this poor child had no luck to feel his mother’s love.

Due to many reasons this child had no courage to pay attention for learning. He failed thrice in grade 9 had to wait 3 years in the same grade. Because of his family background he shirked from his school mates and teachers in the school.

He got married his school love. They had given a birth to a lovely baby girl on 25th December 1995 and named her “Hailie Jade Mathers”.

One day Marshall sighted his wife with an another man in a club. He got angry and went to that man and shouted to him by putting a gun to his head. But he never tried to shoot at him.

Marshal’s wife filed a case in the court by saying he was trying to kill a man. A criminal case filed by his own wife can be a really dangerous. Marshall failed from the case and he jailed, house arrested and fined. Wife divorced him. The court proscribed to see his daughter. Poor Marshall got no help and he got mental depression due to this. But never decided quit from his life.

He addicted to drugs and lived life without any reason. But he entered in to hip hop singing and he produced albums which contain real experiences as songs. He converted his feelings, expressions in to words through his songs. He got much love from the audience and got popular. His albums were selling rapidly and made a good income for him.

But he suffered from his wife’s and daughter’s separation. So he addicted to drugs heavily and used them in heavy doses. Due to overdose usage of drugs and sleepless weeks he got fainted in his own room. Luckily Marshall was found by his friends when he was fainted in his room. He admitted to the hospital. He was in a critical situation and doctors tried hard and did everything they could to save Marshall’s life. After 9 hours surgery Marshall survived and doctors said to him “You are really lucky. If you late for another two hours, that would be the end of your life”. He had to get another one month treatments to recover as his legs were not strengthened to stand.

When he was fully fit he mentioned that he used drugs heavily, but never ever dreamed to quit from his life. He was doing something extra special in that sleepless week. He wrote songs throughout the week without a single minute sleep. He released those songs as an album when he recovered fully. The album sold very fast and put a world record, the fastest selling hip hop music album.

Then he got married the same lady that divorced earlier by herself. She got another daughter in addition to Marshalls daughter. Marshall treated both daughters in the same manner but yet the wife did not satisfy and divorced Marshall again.

Again he felt loneliness. But that time he did not try to use drugs. Then his best friend “Proof” who helped and guided him to be a successful hip hop singer died unfortunately. He lost his only companion.

He had some songs which included the harassments happened to him by his mother. He used some statements about the harassments that can receive to a poor child. Marshall’s mother filed a case in courts against those songs and Marshall. Marshall failed again and mother won the case. He had to pay more than $1000 as the fine.

Then he was alone. No Father, No mother, No wife, No daughter, No best friend. But he survived. Not addicted to drugs again. He ended up his music career. He was in the peak at that moment. He was able to go world tours for musical shows, can sell albums, can sell his productions. But he decided to put a  full stop. He disappeared for more than four years then. He was so silent in that period. After Four years he again entered to the industry by releasing an album. Again the album was selling like “UnuKewum” and he received his fan’s love. Now he has no Wife, No Daughter, No Friends, No dad, No Mother, He is alone. Still he is living without addicting to drugs. Never tried to suicide.

Today he is a proud owner of an Oscar award and some other 570 awards. A producer of 19 successful albums. A very Special person in Hip Hop music industry since 90s. The most successful Hip hop singer in the world.


So what I need to ask from you is…

Did you faced a 10% of these?

Do our people have this much problems?

If you feel like nobody can understand my pain, if you feel like this is the time to suicide, look at EMINEM. The real life story of Marshall Bruce Mathers. You will find answers.


– P D